RCR 962

The 962 is a race car, through-and-through. With a small cockpit, it's not really very comfortable. And it's noisy. And you don't have very good rear vision. On the other hand, none of that stopped the brave souls who drove them from setting the sports car world on fire when it debuted.

Of course, the originals are pretty much unobtainable for the normal person. But the RCR 962 is available now, with an aluminum monocoque center section and tube frame front and rear, with the signature RCR billet aluminum suspension parts. It's also affordable, at only $69,995 for the complete kit, less drivetrain, tires, battery, etc.

And since you probably don't have the proper Porsche engine under a tarp in your garage, you'll be happy to know that the car supports the popular and powerful Chevy LS series engines, as well as the more typical Porsche flat-6 powerplants.

The bodies on these cars are made from a mold off an original car, and as such need some bodywork to make them as perfect as the other RCR cars- so be aware that this model is a little different. The original car bodies took a little fettling to make them look good, and just like those, this one does too.

But, it's a 962. Think about that, then call the factory to discuss your order.

These are special order, and may take longer than the other RCR cars.


  • Drive: Left-hand or right-hand drive
  • Overall Length: 189"
  • Width: 79"
  • Height: 42"
  • Wheelbase: 105"
  • Weight: 2,000 lbs
  • Weight Distribution: 45% front, 55% rear (typical, depends on drivetrain and other choices)
  • Ground Clearance: 2-4", depending on setup
  • Drivetrain Configuration: Mid engine
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 20 gallons total
  • Suspension: Similar to original, but CNC billet aluminum uprights, control arms and braces
  • Chassis Construction: All-aluminum monocoque chassis, consisting of sheet and billet parts, completely TIG-welded
  • Body Construction: Hand-laid fiberglass body

Quelle: Koorperationspartner - Race Car Relicas

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