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Upgrades for Porsche types 993 and 964 largely depend upon the intended use of the vehicle. For the type 964 a good compromise between road usage and trackday turned out to be the Bilstein B16 coilover suspension kit. This coilover suspension kit offers parallel mechanical setting of rebound and compression by a simple twist of a dial. Ten clicks clearly distinguish each setting, giving you the flexibility to find what setting works best for you in a variety of driving conditions.

Alternatives like the KWCP964C2 (clubsport coilovers) or the H&R Clubsport are also possible. Combined with Uniball strut bearings, Powerflex (wheel bearings) and appropriate (sway bars) the result is a manageable drivability, even if the engine power is raised considerably.

We recommend the classic Big Reds, (4 Piston brake calipers)- at the front with 322x32 mm discs and at the rear the 993RS discs (322x28mm). Of course there are quite a number of other solutions possible, like e.g. Öhlin (coilovers) or Brembo 6 piston brakes with slotted 355x32mm discs or even ceramic disc systems.

The selection of what kind of wheel combination you prefer depends from everyone’s taste and wallet. Please follow the link for some possibilities. >>Link<<